DEST-2: Dyslexia Early Screening Test (2nd Edition)

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SKU: DEST-2: Dyslexia Early Screening Test (2nd Edition)


NB: Only available to schools and educational/health establishments based in the Republic of Ireland

NB: The DST-2 (due to be published in Sep 2023) will replace the DEST-2, DST-J, DST-S & DAST Assessments

Age Range: 4 years 6 months to 6 years 5 months
Administration: Individual – 30 minutes
Qualification Code: A – Click HERE for more details.

The Dyslexia Early Screening Test – Second Edition (DEST-2) battery contains screening tests of attainment and ability. These determine whether a young child is experiencing difficulty in areas known to be affected in dyslexia.

An ‘at risk’ score for dyslexia determines whether further in-depth testing should be undertaken. A profile of skills provides valuable information that can be used to guide in-school support.

The DEST-2 consists of 12 subtests:

  • Rapid naming
  • Bead threading
  • Phonological discrimination
  • Postural stability
  • Rhyme/Alliteration
  • Forwards digit span
  • Digit naming
  • Letter naming
  • Sound order
  • Shape copying
  • Corsi frog
  • Vocabulary (group/individual).

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Examiner's Manual, Envelope 1 (containing Subtest Cards and Sample Permission Letter), Envelope 2 (containing Score Keys), Forward Digit Span CD, Sound Order CD, Corsi Frog, beads, cord, blindfold, Balance Tester, Scoring Software with Manual, Pack of 50 Score Sheets, Canvas shoulder bag



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