This fabulous little contemporary series covers a range of topics about the social and emotional challenges that a young person may encounter. By teaching parents and carers a diverse set of practical skills to support children through stressful events and challenging behaviours, this collection will assist in confident navigation through many different emotions. The series aims to build capacity in parents and carers, to nurture a young person’s self-esteem, foster resilience and ultimately strengthen their holistic well-being.

About the Authors

Dr. Rob Long is a chartered educational psychologist whose main interest is supporting children who face social-emotional and mental health difficulties. He is committed to providing practical solutions to help understand the challenges that many children and young people face.

Keith Hodgins  has spent half of his 30-year police career working with young people. Keith has dealt with many complex family matters approaching each with honesty, openness and humour. His main influences are his psychological and family therapy training.

Sandra Curtin-Maggs has worked in education for the past 12 years. She has a particular interest in improving the emotional well-being of both children and parents/carers, with a focus on helping the family to help themselves.

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