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B.I.A.P – Belfield Infant Assessment Profile

 7.50 83.50

The BIAP is a screening instrument designed to assist teachers in identifying the particular strengths and needs of children in the infants classes of primary schools

BSRA-3: Bracken School Readiness Assessment

 43.50 325.00

Screen readiness concept knowledge with the Bracken School Readiness Assessment

DASH 17+ Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting

 61.50 216.95

The Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH 17+) is a reliable, age-appropriate measure of handwriting speed for students aged 17-25 years in further and higher education.

DAST: Dyslexia Adult Screening Test

 107.95 370.50

The DAST has been designed to be used as a screening instrument, for use routinely within further education establishments and the commercial workplace.


Diagnostic Reading Analysis – 3rd Edition

 33.95 220.00

The Diagnostic Reading Analysis is a modern oral reading test designed specifically for less able readers from 7 to 16 years.


Diagnostic Spelling Tests

 30.95 250.00

The Diagnostic Spelling Tests provide a series of standardised group or individual spelling tests for pupils throughout their school years and beyond. Each test is easy to administer and available in parallel forms A and B, which are carefully matched in content, style and difficulty.

DST-J: Dyslexia Screening Test – Junior

 103.50 329.50

The DST-J provides a profile of strengths and weaknesses which can be used to guide the development of in-school support for the dyslexic child


MaLT: Stage 1 (Lower Primary)

 32.50 160.00

The M.a.L.T. Stage 1 Starter Kit offers an approach to standarised mathematics assessment for mean ages 5-7 (range: 4.0 to 8.5 years).


MaLT: Stage 3 (Upr Primary/Lwr Secondary)

 32.50 160.00

The M.a.L.T. Stage 3 Starter Kit offers a ground-breaking approach to standarised mathematics assessment for ages 12-14.


NNRIT: NEW Non-Reading Intelligence Test

 16.95 115.00

The NNRIT tests assess aspects of language and thinking that are not necessarily represented in measures of pupil attainments and help to pinpoint low-achieving and slow-reading pupils who may have high underlying ability. Oral administration allows poor readers to do themselves full justice.


Renfrew Language Scales

 67.95 224.95

The Renfrew Language Scales provide a norm-referenced means of assessing children’s speech and language. As they are norm-referenced, a child’s score can be compared with scores achieved by children of a similar age.

WIAT-III UK-T: Wechsler Individual Achievement Test for Teachers (3rd UK Edition)

 103.95 482.50

The WIAT-III Third UK edition for Teachers (WIAT-III UK-T) is a UK-normed battery of five subtests to test key aspects of literacy

WRAT5: Wide Range Achievement Test (5th Edition)

 99.95 615.00

The WRAT5 provides an accurate and easy-to-administer way to assess and monitor the reading, spelling and maths skills in people aged 5–85+ and helps identify possible learning disabilities.