DASH-2: Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (2nd Edition – 2024)


Just Published – DASH-2 [Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting – Second Edition] is a reliable measure of handwriting speed for children and young adults.



NB: Only available to Republic of Ireland clients who meet the qualification code criteria below.

Just Published – DASH-2 [Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting – Second Edition] is a reliable measure of handwriting speed for children and young adults. DASH-2 helps identify functional handwriting difficulties and provides relevant information for intervention planning.

For Record forms for the previous editions of DASH & DASH 17+, please click on the relevant links here: DASH – Old Record Forms / DASH 17+ Old Record Forms – available until stocks last.

  • Publication Year: April 2024
  • Age Range: 8 years to 25
  • Scores/Interpretation: Subtest Scaled Scores, Total Score Percentile Rank
  • Completion time: 20-30 minutes
  • Administration: Individual or group; paper and pencil
  • Norms: The DASH-2 norms were derived from a sample of over 1000, collected jointly in the UK and Australia/New Zealand.
    Qualification Code: A – Click HERE for more details.

The DASH-2 can be used to identify children and young adults with handwriting speed difficulties.

Benefits of DASH-2:

  • Provides standardised subtest scores for a variety of different handwriting tasks
  • Offers objective evidence on which to base applications for special accommodations in education settings
  • Suitable for both individual and group administration
  • Offers reliability, based on nationally stratified normative samples of over 1000 children and young adults collected across the UK and Australia between 2021 and 2023

DASH-2 Features:

DASH-2 includes 5 subtests that are administered and scored by hand and allow comparison of handwriting performance during written tasks with varying demands.

The DASH-2 subtests:

  • Copy Best
  • Alphabet Writing
  • Copy Fast
  • Free Writing
  • Graphic Speed

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Complete Kit includes: Examiner Manual, 25 Record Forms, Set of Stimulus Cards


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