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Adolescent / Adult Sensory Profile


The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile® helps measure sensory processing patterns and effects on functional performance. An individual answers questions regarding how he or she generally responds to sensations, as opposed to how he or she responds at any given time.

B.I.A.P – Belfield Infant Assessment Profile


The BIAP is a screening instrument designed to assist teachers in identifying the particular strengths and needs of children in the infants classes of primary schools

Basic Number Screening Test (5th Edition)


This UK numeracy test is delivered orally, so assesses students’ numeracy skills rather than their reading ability. This makes it an ideal assessment for use with poor readers.

Bayley-4 UK: Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (4th Edition – 2023)


The Bayley-4 UK is the most comprehensive assessment tool for determining developmental delays in children.

BBCS-3:R: Bracken Basic Concept Scale (3rd Edition) – Receptive


Bracken Basic Concept Scale, Third Edition: Receptive (BBCS-3:R) evaluates a child’s acquisition of basic concepts nonverbally. The tested areas are strongly related to cognitive and language development as well as early childhood academic achievement.

BRIEF®2: Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function®, Second Edition


The gold-standard rating form for executive function testing!

BSRA-3: Bracken School Readiness Assessment


NB: This assessment has been superseded by BSRA-4

Screen readiness concept knowledge with the Bracken School Readiness Assessment

CAT: Comprehensive Aphasia Test (2nd Edition)


The Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT) is a test for use with people who have acquired aphasia.

CELF-5 UK: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (5th Edition)


The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – Fifth Edition (CELF5UK) offers a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment that reflects today’s diverse population.

CELF-Preschool 2 UK: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool (UK – 2nd Edition)


NB: The CELF Preschool 3 (due to be published in Q3 2024) will replace this 2nd edition. Forms for the 2nd edition will continue to be available until stocks last.

CELF5 Metalinguistics: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals: Metalinguistics


A revision of the Test of Language Competence-Expanded, the CELF-5 Metalinguistics assessment includes five tests of higher-level language skills embedded in upper-grade curricula and critical to classroom success.

CLQT+: Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test-Plus


The criterion-referenced Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test (CLQT™+) quickly assesses strengths and weaknesses in five cognitive domains, and adds an optional administration path for people with aphasia.

DASH 17+ Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (17+)


NB: The DASH-2 (due to be published in MARCH 2024) will replace the DASH & DASH 17+ Kits