Learn to play Tin-whistle, Recorder or Guitar

Julie Ryng and her sisters have produced a wonderful set of music books, tutorial videos and accompanying audio tracks which can be used for teaching and learning the Tin Whistle, Recorder and Guitar. Each publication has accompanying corresponding online audio tracks to enhance the learner’s efforts. These provide a solid and satisfying accompaniment to the music. The two Tin Whistle books also each have online accompanying tutorial videos which demonstrate the fingers in action for each song.

You do not need to be a music specialist to learn and teach the Tin Whistle, Guitar or Recorder using these approaches: indeed many teachers have learned along with their classes! The low price of the books ensures that every pupil can have a copy of their own and the online digital accompaniments are now FREE for access in school or at home. This enables students to work at their own pace and also encourage parents who may wish to engage with their music homework – or even learn to play an instrument themselves!

Melodies in D


Melodies in D is a collection of 30 musical pieces suitable for individual, class or band work for tin whistle, recorder, violin, melodica, chime bars etc (in key D).

Julie Ryng

Julie Ryng is a former primary school teacher with an ALCM Diploma in Music. She was awarded Master in Education with Leeds University in 2002. Julie has taught classes at all levels in Primary School. During the course of her career, she has led many bands, choirs and dramatic productions, and her pupils have participated in concerts and competitive events.

Julie co-wrote Whistle A While with her sister Mary Mc Auliffe (Ryng) in the 90’s. This much acclaimed tin-whistle tutor presents tonic solfa notes over staff notation. In response to demand created by the implementation of the revised primary curriculum, Julie produced Whistle Along, which is a tin whistle tutor that uses a staff notation approach. Because of further demand for her work in this area, Julie compiled Melodies in D, a collection of 30 tunes suitable for the repertoire and ability level of Primary school children. Julie’s most recent work involves collaboration with Nina Garvey in the production of Strum Along. All of these books have an onlne audio accompaniment featuring the songs in each book. To promote the books and the learning of musical instruments, these online resources were made freely available online in April 2021.