The Creative Mindfulness Kids method is a unique programme which introduces mindfulness and self compassion practices to children in fun, creative and engaging ways.

Children learn how to calm and relax their minds, to focus and pay attention, to understand and express their thoughts and feelings and cultivate kindness for themselves and others through creativity, stories, art, craft, meditation, visualisation, and discussion.

The Creative Mindfulness Kids method aims to promote positive mental health and well-being for children whilst equipping them with valuable self-care tools that will last a life-time.

The Creative Mindfulness Kids programme was developed by Louise Shanagher, a Children’s Therapist, Psychology lecturer and Mindfulness teacher from Co. Roscommon. Louise has created a collection of resources including books, cards, cd’s and a Primary School Curriculum which introduces the Creative Mindfulness method to children.

You can experience some of Louise’s work in the free videos.

For more details on Creative Mindfulness please visit: Creative Mindfulness (Louise Shanagher) Homepage

Videos: Helpful Mindful Tips - Returning to School

These Mindful tips can support children as they return to school. Mindfulness can help children clear and calm their minds and let go of worries and concerns.

Videos: Mini Mindfulness Moments

The following Mini Mindfulness Moments are a great way to help promote focus and calm for children throughout the days. Theses mini mindfulness practices are perfect to use at the start and the end of the day and as transitions between lessons.

Videos: Mindful Exercises

Try out some of the following fun creative mindfulness activities both at home and in the classroom.

Videos: Mindfully Me Stories and Creative Mindfulness

Listen to the “Mindfully Me” stories (link to these books below) and try out some creative mindfulness activities.

Videos: Guided Meditations for Children - Sky Like Mind

Affirmation Videos for Children

Guided Meditations for Parents and Teachers