Hawker Brownlow strive to produce outstanding resource materials for teachers, parents, school administrators and other professionals in education and allied fields. This passion grew from Elaine and David Brownlow’s interest in the publication and distribution of educational resources when, as parents, they struggled to find appropriate resources to meet the educational needs of their own children.

In 1985 the Brownlows founded Hawker Brownlow Education (HBE) as a wholly Australian-owned family company dedicated to publishing resources that address topical educational theory and issues. Their aim is to encourage innovative practice at all levels of the education system and across all key learning areas.

In 2008, following a chance meeting at the ASCD Conference in Chicago between Elaine and David and our own Conor & Kate Holmes, OTB began collaborating with HBE and began offering HBE publications in Europe under a licensing agreement. To this day, OTB continues to licence from HBE offering their high quality resources to educators in Ireland and beyond. In 2019 HBE signed a reciprocal agreement on OTB’s Weaving Well-Being programme which they now distribute throughout Australia and New Zealand. Two companies a world apart in distance but sharing the same professional objectives for educators.

All HBE products licensed by OTB are shown below:


Burnt: An Australian Anti-Bullying Play

 3.95 29.50

Burnt tells the story of Simon, who is consistently bullied by Richard, one of his schoolmates. Set after the situation has come to a crisis point, the play explores the feelings of three of Simon’s friends – could they have prevented it?

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Cognitive Behavioral Training


Using cognitive behavioural training (CBT), readers are explicitly taught to acquire new skills and solve problems with organisation, planning, remembering, perseverance, motivation, confidence and more. With practical, easy-to-use ideas and engaging exercises, this resource offers effective tools to support children as they learn to change their behaviour.


Five Ways of Being


Leadership is about being – it is about who we are, who we need to become and who we can become to enable the learning and growth of others.

Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools


This invaluable resource introduces a 10-step process for leading data-informed change comprising measurable steps for action supported by connections to relevant literature and practical examples showing what the process looks like in schools.

Life in a Garden


In this practical handbook, permaculture expert Dr Ross Mars guides teachers through the basics of garden design and maintenance while providing opportunities for students to explore and contribute to a thriving ecosystem.

Literature Toolbox, The


‘The study of English introduces a student to other voices and other lives … and in doing so, helps them find their own voice.’

Whether you are planning to study a new text, looking for a fresh approach to teach an old favourite or simply seeking strategies to provide more variety in your teaching, this is an invaluable guide for all English teachers.

The literature toolbox features over fifty activities for exploring text. Easy to implement and rigorously road-tested in real classrooms, these practical strategies foster engagement, deepen inquiry and model fluent and sophisticated essay writing.

Neurodevelopmental Differentiation


In this book, clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller and educator Lucy Fuller make teachers’ working lives easier and more effective by helping them to detect what might be stopping students from achieving more success.

Professional Learning Communities – Voices from the Field


This multimedia professional learning resource pack from Australian educational publisher Hawker Brownlow is the perfect guide for any leadership team, collaborative team or educator looking to transform their school into a PLC – Professional Learning Community.




 9.95 26.95

Each Quizzle book contains over 200 pictorial clue puzzles (sometimes called ‘dingbats’). The puzzles are designed to challenge the mind and stretch the thinking capabilities of you, your students and your colleagues!


Team Challenges

 19.95 40.00

This two-book series is a collection of exciting, open-ended tasks that require teamwork, imagination and fast thinking. Choose a book option below to LOOK INSIDE:

Thinkers and Performers: Bringing Critical Thinking Alive


In this book, teachers will find that critical thinking is not simply a question of children ‘doing something harder’, but a way of thinking that is distinct and discerning.



Thinking Allowed & More Thinking Allowed

 21.95 39.50

These two books demonstrate how thinking can become a part of the mathematics curriculum. They offer practical suggestions for applying thinking tools to classroom organisation, teaching and assessment. Select a single title from the Dropdown menu to LOOK INSIDE.

Thinking Protocols for Learning


Thinking protocols for learning empowers readers to implement deliberate practice and intentional application of protocols and provides strategies for the promotion of different types of thinking.


Thinking School, The

 25.95 80.00

In this exciting new resource, Ralph Pirozzo offers teachers an introduction to the world of thinking tools, covering a range of devices for different tasks and guiding teachers as how to choose the most appropriate tool for each situation.

Values and Questions Card Deck and Instruction Booklet


Values and Questions Card Set invites students into conversations about values they can bring to their learning, their work, their relationships and other aspects of their lives.

Your High-performance Guide to Study and Learning


Authored by secondary school teacher Scott Francis, with additional insights from Associate Professor Michael Nagel, this book will guide you through twenty key practical strategies to get the most out of the time you spend studying.