Fiona Speirs - ASD Consultant

Fiona Speirs is a former presenter, author, consultant and trainer who specialised in working with children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, their families and those who support in a professional capacity. She is also a former Assistant Head Teacher who worked for many years in a Centre of Excellence School for Autism in Nottingham. In 2009, Fiona was highly commended by the Pamela Sheridan Award for her Relationship and Sex Education work with young people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Fiona has provided training with several training providers in the UK and Ireland including the National Autistic Society, Middletown Centre for Autism and the NCSE in Ireland.

Fiona is now retired but her publications continue to be available globally through Outside the Box Learning Resources – see below:

Sex & Relationships Education


A Visual Programme for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or Learning Disabilities by Fiona Speirs