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Art and Design for Children with SEN


The purpose of this book is to offer professionals working with children with special educational needs (SEN) a compilation of tried and tested themed lessons, designed to excite and involve children in developing their creative art skills.


Assessing Bilingual Children in Context (Hardback)


This book explores the interplay between factors impacting English language learners and considers implications for assessment.


Attachment Across the Life Cycle


To explain and understand the patterns that attachment play in psychiatric and social problems a body of knowledge has sprung up which owes much to the pioneering work of the late John Bowlby. This book draws together recent theoretical contributions, research findings and clinical data from psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and ethologists from Britain, America and Europe.


Children with Visual Impairment in Mainstream Settings


This book seeks to inform teachers in mainstream schools and colleges, who are new to teaching children and young people with a visual impairment, how successful inclusion may be achieved.

Colour Away Your Worries


 – A Calming Colouring and Drawing Book

The charming images and guided activities in this book, narrated by a friendly Worry Worm, will open up new areas for discussion in a fun format and enable young people to talk about their worries and fears.

Computer Word Puzzles


The computer-focused puzzles in this photocopiable book are ideal for students who are fascinated by how computers work and have a passion for the hardware aspect of information technology.


Cortical Visual Impairment


Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention provides educators, therapists, physicians and parents of children with CVI with an understanding of the condition and a complete framework for assessment and intervention.

Creative Drama Groupwork for People with Learning Difficulties


The revised second edition of this practical manual is filled with easy-to-follow exercises and activities designed to facilitate creative drama sessions for people with learning difficulties.

Creative Drama in Groupwork


150 ideas for drama in one practical manual makes this a veritable treasure trove which will inspire everyone to run drama sessions creatively, enjoyably and effectively.


Creative Music in Groupwork


This is is an inspirational manual that offers users effective ways of entering the field of music groupwork with adults of all ages and abilities.


Creative Play and Drama with Adults at Risk


This hands-on manual offers a clear introduction to play and drama work for professionals working with adults at risk.