What is Weaving Well-Being?

Weaving Well-Being is the first Irish-designed positive mental health programme of its kind which aims to enhance well-being in children aged from 7.5 to -12.5 years within the framework of the SPHE curriculum.

This affordable Positive Education programme consists of 10 lessons for each class level and is grounded in evidence-based interventions from the rapidly expanding field of Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is the science of well-being.

It is underpinned by the concept that a state of well-being is not simply the absence of the negative, but the presence of the positive.  The Weaving Well-Being programme gives children the opportunity to weave positivity into their daily lives through a range of activities in a variety of areas resilience skills (including mindfulness) and developing self-efficacy through empowering beliefs. The lessons are designed to be implemented within the framework of the SPHE curriculum.

Weaving Well-Being Online Training

This course provides an understanding of the science of Positive Psychology and offers practical and evidence-based strategies for supporting children and teacher well-being. Grounded in the SPHE curriculum, it shows how a whole-school approach can be supported by the SSE process, with particular reference to Well-Being in Primary Schools (DES, 2015)

Scope and Sequence Chart for the Welcome to Well-Being, Weaving Well-Being and Wired for Well-Being Programmes

Well-Being Week - Challenge

Free Worksheet: My Well-Being Plan for 2024

Free Posters - Language of Well-Being



I was astonished by how teacher-friendly every piece of material was. The creative PowerPoints are engaging, colorful and simple to follow. The teacher’s manual was well laid out, full of information, yet easy to follow and bursting with additional ideas and extension activities. The children took great pride in their workbooks and loved completing each activity. Homework tasks allowed for discussion with parents and gave the children a platform to talk openly about concerns, difficulties and above all happy moments. – Teacher

Such a positive programme which has had a very positive impact on my child. Fun and interesting. I also benefitted from it as a parent. – Parent

I loved learning about it. It helps msae calm down faster and makes me happy more often.– Child

Overview of Weaving Well-Being: Click HERE to view all the Weaving Well-Being Videos shot on location in schools in Ireland.

Weaving Well-Being Books

Each class level has a Teacher Resource Book and a Pupil Book. The Teacher Resource Book contains background information, lesson plans, supplementary activities and a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson. The supplementary activities provide a wealth of opportunities for each concept to be embedded in the classroom and the whole school culture. The Teacher Resource Books have accompanying Digital Companion Pages (replacing the now obsolete DVDs). To access the password-protected Digital Companion Pages, please click HERE. You will be prompted to enter the password and this can be found in the teacher resource book.

Within the teacher resources books, teachers are also provided with the opportunity to enhance their own well-being through various interventions and activities.

The Pupil Book for each level builds into a highly individual and personal resource for the child’s future use. The programme is child-centred, practical and is designed to be easy to deliver in any classroom setting. Click on the links below for more information on each book and/or to order samples of the student books.


As part of our programme to ensure that our publications are accessible to the needs of our users, we redesigned the Weaving Wellbeing series to ensure that they meet the highest of accessibility standards for printed materials. The series now meets the strict WCAG AAA accessibility standard and the guidelines of the NCBI in Ireland and the RNIB in England.

About the Authors

Fiona Forman
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Mick Rock
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Weaving Well-Being Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan sets out the Strand and Strand Units of the SPHE curriculum that are covered by that lesson. It also includes the specific learning objectives for the children.

How each lesson should be developed is then briefly described. The information in this section will be similar for each lesson as the PowerPoint slides contain all the information needed to deliver the lesson.
Most lessons include an introduction to each topic for the children followed by one or two activities and a homework assignment

Weaving Well-Being SHOP


Fí na Folláine – Paca Tosaigh


Is é Fí na Folláine an chéad chlár den chineál seo, atá deartha in Éirinn, don mheabhairshláinte dhearfach. Tá sé mar aidhm ag an gclár cur le folláine na bpáistí ó 8 – 12 bhliain d’aois laistigh de chreat an churaclaim OSPS.

Fí na Folláine: Paca Tosaigh – Comhdhéanta de: Leabhar áiseanna an mhúinteora x 5 agus Leabhrán an dalta x 5


Weaving Well-Being – 2nd Class: Character Strengths


This Character Strengths programme consists of ten lessons which are designed to give the children the opportunity to explore each of the 24 different Character Strengths and to help them identify their own top five strengths.

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Weaving Well-Being – 3rd Class: Positive Emotions


This Positive Emotions programme consists of ten lessons which are designed to promote and cultivate positive emotions with children aged 8 to 9 using five specific strategies.

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Weaving Well-Being – 4th Class: Tools of Resilience


The Tools of Resilience programme (for ages 9-10) has been designed to equip children with six practical evidence-based strategies, across ten lessons, for building resilience and coping with problems, anxieties and the many normal challenges of life.

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Weaving Well-Being – 5th Class: Positive Relationships


This Positive Relationships programme (for ages 10-11) has been designed to equip children with eight practical evidence-based strategies, across ten lessons, to nurture positive relationships on a daily basis.

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Weaving Well-Being – 6th Class: Empowering Beliefs


The Empowering Beliefs programme (for ages 11-12) consists of ten lessons which are designed to promote and cultivate positive beliefs about eight specific concepts.

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Weaving Well-Being Online Course (non-EPV)

Please note – this course does NOT qualify for EPV days. 

Please contact info@otb.ie for details of group discounts for schools.

Weaving Well-Being Poster Set


Enhance your school’s Weaving Well-Being lessons with this set of full-colour A3 posters.

Other Well-Being Programmes


Kindfully Me Books


The ‘Kindfully Me’ series consists of three colourfully illustrated children’s books that introduce children to practices of mindfulness, kindness, compassion and gratitude.

Mindful Heart, The


The Mindful Heart is a practical and easy-to-follow guide for teachers which simplifies introducing mindfulness to the classroom.
LOOK INSIDE (excerpt):

Self-Kindness for Kids: Whizzo-Voice to the Rescue!


This little book will help children to engage in positive self-talk and be kind to themselves.


Welcome to Well-Being: Starter Kit (Lower Primary – Junior Infants to 1st Class / Ages: 4-7+)


The Welcome to Well-Being programme is a multi-year programme for children from Junior Infants to First Class (Ages: 4-7+). It is designed to enhance children’s well-being across all dimensions – social, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. The theme of the programme is that two small, gender-neutral aliens called Mo and Ko arrive from the planet called Zo to help children feel happy, strong, kind and brave, loving and well. The characters Mo & Ko are gender-neutral – to order a gender-specific version, please click HERE.


Wired for Well-Being: Starter Kit (Secondary – 1st Year to 3rd Year / Ages: 12-15)


Wired for Well-Being aims to introduce young people to skills and strategies from the fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience to empower them to become active participants in understanding, creating and maintaining their well-being and resilience. In doing so, it aims to help young people to reach their potential, to flourish and to become thriving citizens.