ISBN: 9781906926984

Self-Kindness for Kids: Whizzo-Voice to the Rescue!


This little book will help children to engage in positive self-talk and be kind to themselves.

ISBN: 9781906926984
Author(s) : Fiona Forman
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Self-Kindness for Kids: Whizzo-Voice to the Rescue!

This little book will help children to engage in positive self-talk and be kind to themselves.

Have you ever said things like this to yourself?

  • I’m such an idiot!
  • Why did I do that?
  • I can’t believe I did that, I’m so stupid!
  • Why am I not as good as everyone else?

The truth is that we all speak to ourselves unkindly sometimes. We judge ourselves very harshly and we sometimes even bully ourselves! This can make us feel very unhappy and it can affect our confidence too.

That’s just the way the human mind works, although it’s amazing, it’s far from perfect! The good news is that we can learn to speak to ourselves in a kinder and more helpful way. This is called self-kindness. When we treat ourselves with self-kindness, we will feel stronger and braver so that we are ready for all of the adventures and challenges that life will throw at us!

About the Author:

Fiona Forman is an author, speaker, facilitator and trainer in the area of well-being and Positive Psychology. Having spent many years as a primary school teacher, she is absolutely passionate about placing well-being at the heart of school life and she has seen first-hand the great benefits of empowering children, teachers and parents to understand, value and enhance their own mental health. Fiona holds an M. Sc. in Applied Positive Psychology, the science of well-being, from the University of East London. She is the co-author of Weaving Well-Being, a positive mental health programme for primary school children (ages: 7-12) that is now in use in the majority of primary schools in Ireland as well as being licensed by Outside The Box Learning Resources to overseas educational publishers for use in the schools in their countries. Fiona has recently had her own well-being programme for secondary schools published. This is called Wired for Well-Being and is suitable for children aged 12-15. She has also had her Welcome to Well-Being programme published which is suitable for children aged 5 to 7+.

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