Wired for Well-Being: Starter Kit (Secondary – 1st Year to 3rd Year / Ages: 12-15)


Wired for Well-Being aims to introduce young people to skills and strategies from the fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience to empower them to become active participants in understanding, creating and maintaining their well-being and resilience. In doing so, it aims to help young people to reach their potential, to flourish and to become thriving citizens.

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Author(s) : Fiona Forman
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Young people face ever-increasing challenges and demands as they grow into adulthood. There is a vital need to equip them with the skills and strategies that will help them to flourish and thrive despite these challenges. The Wired for Well-Being programme aims to introduce adolescents to these evidence-based skills, drawn from the fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, in order to develop positive well-being habits for life. It is a secondary school Well-Being and SPHE programme with 8 lessons per year level.

There are three levels in this series suitable for lower to middle secondary school pupils (Ages 12-15).

The Wired for Well-Being FULL Starter Kit contains one of each of the following (6 books & 3 sets of Posters):

The Wired for Well-Being BOOK Starter Kit contains one of each of the 6 Books only – no posters included.

For more information please go to the Wired for Well-Being Homepage.

Age Suitability:


3 X A4 Teacher Resource Book (full colour throughout) – 80-95 Pages (includes Digital Companion Page)
3 X A4 Pupil Book (full colour throughout) – 36-40 Pages


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