CSI Literacy Kits

CSI Literacy kits are designed for teachers who have a range of levels in their class and want to teach reading strategies everyone can use, no matter their level.

With a CSI Literacy kit, you’ve got the keys to unlocking the potential of all your students, regardless of ability. With CSI Literacy kits, you’ll create a learning community, so all your students can work together at their year level to achieve real reading results.

CSI Literacy Kit: Yellow

Reading Age: 8-9 / Interest Age: 8-9

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CSI Literacy Kit: Aqua

Reading Age: 9-10 / Interest Age: 9-13

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CSI Literacy Kit: Purple

Reading Age: 10-11 / Interest Age: 10-11

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What's Inside a CSI Literacy Box?

  • 45+ digital, interactive shared reading texts (+ a hardcopy book)
  • Lesson Plan book with lesson outlines, detailed support around teaching reading comprehension strategies, scheduling options, and assessment rubrics for teachers and students
  • Co-operative Learning Activities books
  • Audio support for Co-Operative Learning Activities
  • Reflection Journal (sample) – 40 graphic organizers, assessable and individually designed for each text to strengthen and consolidate students’ learning