ISBN: 9780077150068

CSI Literacy Kit: Aqua (Reading Age: 9-10 / Interest Age: 9-13 )


ISBN: 9780077150068
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How can a car fit in a suitcase? What is the Big Whack theory? Can fizzy drinks split bones? How can a phone become a flower? Read, think and talk about these interactive and audio-assisted texts and activities and so much more in CSI Literacy Kit: Aqua.

The Kit contains:

1 Lesson Plan Book

  • 5 introductory lessons and 40 comprehensive lesson plans for teaching of fiction (including poetry) and non-fiction texts (including numeracy, science and social studies)
  • Support for teachers including research citations; levelling information; and approaches for struggling readers, English Language Learners (ELLs) and boys
  • Classroom management and scheduling options
  • Assessment rubrics for reading, language, writing and oral language (for both fiction and non-fiction texts)

2 interactive CD-ROMs

  • 40 digital texts (for whole- or small-group explicit teaching) with a unique digital interface for teaching and learning, to be used with an interactive whiteboard, a data projector or a large TV
  • Selected digital texts have embedded video or audio to build students’ subject-area knowledge and to increase engagement, especially helpful for ELLs and struggling readers
  • All co-operative texts, activities and graphic organisers in digital PDF format for printing or viewing on any device

1 Texts for Shared and Modelled Reading book

  • 45+ levelled shared-reading texts for use under a document camera

15 Co-operative Learning Activitiesbooks

  • 40 texts (8 non-fiction, 8 numeracy, 8 fiction, 8 science and 8 social studies) with corresponding co-operative activities
  • Co-operative literacy learning supports pupils to “do today what was modelled and discussed yesterday” (the gradual release of responsibility model)
  • Glossed academic vocabulary words to build vocabulary

2 audio CDs

  • 40 fluent reading models of all co-operative book texts, especially valuable for ELLs and struggling readers

15 blank transparencies and 15 erasable markers

  • Students can place transparencies over the co-operative texts and use the pens to annotate the texts, working co-operatively and using their oral language skills to share their reflections

1 sample hard-copy Reflection Journal

  • 40 unique graphic organisers individually designed for each text to consolidate student learning through writing and to provide a record of student progress
  • Templates for individual written reflection
  • Rubrics for self-assessment and building metacognition


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