ISBN: 9781869681326

Computer Word Puzzles


ISBN: 9781869681326
Author(s) : Peter Giddens
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Looking for an opportunity to focus students on some language work as well as the computer screen!? This bumper book of word puzzles about computers and their use might be a good option for you. These computer focused puzzles are ideal for those students who are fascinated by how computers work and have a passion for the hardware aspect of information technology. The crosswords, word searches and cloze activities provide a great context to extend the language of students whilst also allowing them to indulge their interest. They are suitable for individuals and groups. In addition to supplementing in-class activity, the puzzles can be copied and kept in a box to have ready for substitute/relief teachers, or supplied as fun and engaging homework activities. They are also useful to have available at library time. Students can identify key words in the questions and seek answers in the reference section of the library, or as an Internet search activity. There are over 50 puzzles altogether, and answers are included for ease of self-marking.

Each puzzle has a computer-related theme including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Systems
  • The Internet
  • Computers in use
  • and much more!

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