BSRA-3: Bracken School Readiness Assessment


NB: This assessment has been superseded by BSRA-4

Screen readiness concept knowledge with the Bracken School Readiness Assessment

Author(s) : Bruce A. Bracken


NB: Only available to schools and educational establishments based in the Republic of Ireland

NB: This assessment has been superseded by BSRA-4

Author(s): Bruce A Bracken
Publication Year: 2007
Age Range: 3 years to 6 years 11 months
Administration: Individual – 10 to 15 minutes
Qualification Code: A – Click HERE for more details.

The BSRA-3 allows you to quickly screen concept knowledge of young children.

Brief and easy to administer, the BSRA-3 (Bracken School Readiness Assessment, Third Edition) helps determine if a child is ready for school. The BSRA-3 evaluates five areas of the full BBCS assessments as part of Pearson’s Bracken family of products in concept development.


  • Provides Record Form that is designed for pre-testing and post-testing
  • Gives suggestions in the Parent-Teacher Conference Form of activities parents can do at home with the child
  • Provides information showing how the subtests align to each state’s early childhood standards
  • Offers a sample lesson from the Bracken Concept Development Program


The BSRA-3 includes five subtests to assess basic concepts related to school readiness.

  • Subtests include: Colours, Letters, Numbers/Counting, Size/Comparison, and Shapes
  • UK National norms are provided
  • Scoring Assistant software for the BSRA allows users to quickly and accurately score tests results, maintain test records, and create graphical and summary reports


The BBCS parent report includes a description of scores in English and Spanish

BBCS Parent Report

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Examiner's Manual, Stimulus Book, Pack of 25 Record Forms & Pad of 25 Parent/Teacher Forms (all in a canvass bag)


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