Movement ABC-3: Movement Assessment Battery for Children (3rd Edition: 2023)


The New Movement Assessment Battery for Children, Third Edition (Movement ABC-3) provides an objective measurement of gross and fine motor coordination difficulties in children and young adults aged 3 – 25 years.

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NB: Only available to Republic of Ireland clients who meet the qualification code criteria below.

  • Publication Date: Autumn 2023
  • Age range: 3 to 25 years
  • Scores/Interpretation: Task-level scaled scores, domain-level t-scores, Total Motor Score, percentile ranks
  • Qualification Code: B – Click HERE for more details.
  • Completion Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Administration: Test: Individual; paper and pencil Checklist: Individual or group paper and pencil or via Q-global
  • Scoring options: Hand scoring
  • Report Options: Score summary report
  • Norms: The Movement ABC-3 norms are based on an all-new sample of 1279 children and young adults who were tested between August 2021 and February 2023 in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

The New Movement Assessment Battery for Children, Third Edition (Movement ABC-3) provides an objective measurement of gross and fine motor coordination difficulties in children and young adults aged 3 – 25 years.

When a motor coordination delay or disorder is suspected, having a quick and reliable screening tool is imperative in ensuring interventions are put in place as early as possible and in gauging the efficacy of those interventions over time. For many Occupational and Physiotherapists, School and Neuro Psychologists and other professionals all over the world, that tool is the Movement ABC.

The updated MABC-3 will include many of the features and benefits current MABC-2 users enjoy, with some modifications that will expand its usefulness and make it even more user-friendly.

Some of these changes include:

  • An expanded age range that extends use from 3 years up to 25 years
  • An additional manual dexterity item per age band
  • An additional aiming and catching item per age band

What’s new with MABC-3? (pdf)

Movement ABC-3 Benefits:

  • Identify delay or impairment in motor development
  • Plan intervention
  • Measure change and monitor progress over time
  • Widely known and respected for use in research related to motor development
  • Gain a holistic picture of motor performance using the Checklists to complement observational assessment

The Movement ABC-3 updates include:

  • Revised and updated test content and items
  • New manipulatives
  • Extended age range down to 3 and up to 25
  • Co-collected sample between the UK and ANZ
  • Unified contructs across ages

Three Movement ABC-3 subtests:

  • Manual Dexterity
  • Aiming & Catching
  • Balance & Locomotion

Separate Checklists for each age band:

  • Parent/Teacher/Other
  • Self (age band 3 only)

Test content and structure:

The test contains 10 tasks for each of 3 age ranges: 3 – 6 years (3-year-olds complete 7 tasks); 7 – 11 years and 12 – 25 years. The tasks cover the following 3 domains:

  • Manual Dexterity
  • Aiming & Catching (ball skills)
  • Balance & Locomotion

Task, domain and Total Motor scores are provided. A profile of a child’s performance over the different sections of the test can be examined and a ‘traffic light’ system helps map areas of strength and concern.

The assessment is paralleled by an observational approach to perceptual-motor aspects and emotional and motivational difficulties the individual may have in relation to motor tasks.


  • Norms based on a sample of 1279 collected jointly in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand
  • Extensive international research built over the previous version of the assessment and this version – featuring in over 500 studies
  • Numerous translations worldwide

The Movement ABC-3 Checklists

The Movement ABC-3 Checklists provide a means for assessing movement in everyday situations in which the child or young adult participates.

Use the checklist to:

  • Assess groups of students in classroom situations
  • Obtain parents’ or teachers’ views on an individual’s movement in everyday settings
  • Measure the extent to which a young person’s attitudes and feelings about motor tasks are situation-specific or more generalised
  • Ascertain the impact of motor difficulties on an individual’s participation in everyday activities

MABC-3 Complete Kit – includes:

  • Test Manual
  • AB1 Record Forms (Pack of 25)
  • AB2 Record Forms (Pack of 25)
  • AB3 Record Forms (Pack of 25)
  • AB1 Checklists (Pack of 25)
  • AB2 Checklists (Pack of 25)
  • AB3 Self Checklists (Pack of 25)
  • AB3 Other Checklists
  • Checklist Manual
  • AB1 Drawing Circles Sheets (Pack of 50)
  • AB2 Drawing Circles Sheets (Pack of 50)
  • AB3 Drawing Circles Sheets
  • Manipulatives Set
  • Trolley Backpack

Record Forms and Checklists for the previous edition (Movement ABC-2) – please contact OTB to check availability.

Age Suitability:

3-25 Years


Complete Kit Includes:
Test Manual, 25 AB1 Record Forms, 25 AB2 Record Forms, 25 AB3 Record Forms, 25 AB1 Checklists, 25 AB2 Checklists, 25 AB3 Self Checklists, 25 AB3 Other Checklists, Checklist Manual, 50 AB1 Drawing Circles Sheets, 50 AB2 Drawing Circles Sheets, 50 AB3 Drawing Circles Sheets and a Manipulatives Set all in a sturdy trolley backpack.



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