Fun Deck: Therapy Ball Activities


60 illustrated therapy ball activity cards. 3″ X 5″. Students work on a wide range of therapeutic goals including upper body and core strengthening, motor planning, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and sensory input.

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Therapy Ball Activities Fun Deck – features:

  • 60 fun and creative therapy ball activities (3″ x 5″)
  • Five (5) skill areas:
    • Upper body and core strength
    • Motor planning
    • Visual perceptual skills
    • Fine motor skills
    • Sensory input
  • Four (4) color-coded categories:
    • Sitting activities
    • Prone (tummy) activities
    • Standing and other activities
    • Stretching exercises
  • Each card includes:
    • Illustration of activity
    • Therapeutic benefits
    • Materials
    • Directions
    • Other tips for using the therapy ball
  • Cards comes in a sturdy tin

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50+ Cards in a Storage Tin

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