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At My Best – Strengths Cards


A set of 48 beautifully designed strengths cards – ideal for provoking thought and opening up conversation around what people do best. A great resource whether you’re working with individuals or with groups.

Blaster – Card Game


Blaster is a fun, fast-paced card game to develop children’s problem-solving skills and social awareness. Players will learn to approach challenging situations with constructive thoughts, communication and actions and are encouraged to consider the consequences of different choices in a safe environment.

Calm Cards for Tweens: Cards & Posters


The Calm Cards for Tweens Cards and/or Posters consist of ten beautiful, full-colour illustrations.

Cártaí Suaimhnis do Dhéagóirí – Cártaí agus Póstaeir


Tá deich bpóstaer áille A3 (i stíl graifítí) sa tsraith Cártaí Suaimhnis do Dhéagóirí chun meabhairshláinte dhearfach a chur chun cinn i measc déagóirí (13 -17 bl)

Cártaí Suaimhnis ó 9 go 12 bhliain d’aois – Cártaí agus Póstaeir


Tá deich bpóstaer áille A3 sa tsraith Cártaí Suaimhnis chun meabhairshláinte dhearfach a chur chun cinn i measc daoine óga (9 – 12 bl).

Cé atá liom anois? Cártaí agus Póstaeir


Tá deich bpóstaer áille sa tsraith Cé atá liom anois? chun iniúchadh a dhéanamh ar mhothúcháin le páistí. Léiríonn gach póstaer mothúchán ar leith is féidir a iniúchadh, a phlé agus a bhainistiú.

ColorCards: Decades Discussion Cards


This title includes 40 photographic cards to introduce, remind and inform about people, places and events of the 1950s and 60s.

Colorcards: Problem Solving


This title offers illustrating problems and solutions. Illustrating problems and two possible ways of solving them, this pack of 48 cards is ideal for use in the classroom or clinic with children and adults of all ages.

First Phrases: Familiar Objects


These brightly coloured and clearly illustrated cards from the ‘First Phrases’ series are designed to promote the crucial step from a spoken vocabulary of some 30 to 50 words, to two-word linking.