Snooky The Snail’s Fluency Worksheets


98-page illustrated, reproducible, cut-and-paste activity book to guide students from word level to spontaneous open set fluency.

Author(s) : Monica Gustafson
SKU: BK254


Let Snooky the Snail guide students from word level to spontaneous speech.

Snooky is a little snail who tries to crawl too fast and bumps himself with his shell! His mom explains the importance of doing things “slow and easy” so he doesn’t feel the “bumps.”

Snooky the Snail’s Fluency Worksheets has 8 sections of easy-to-use reproducible worksheets you can incorporate into any fluency program or send home for extra practice. Each section includes a goal with fun, colouring, cut-and-paste activities.

The Snooky Snails’ series includes:

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98-page Book

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