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ISBN: 9781118510162
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The updated edition of this successful resource has been developed to support children with reading delays and dyslexia. It contains a phonological training programme, an explanation of how this programme can be embedded within a broader reading intervention, a standardized test of phonological awareness and a methodology to grade children’s reading books.

  • This third edition has been revised throughout to include the latest developments in the field
  • These resources have been used with a wide range of children and found to be suitable for use with any reading-delayed children, irrespective of cognitive ability and age
  • All activities are accompanied by a set of photocopiable record sheets, a set of pictures, and an appendix of additional activities useful in helping children master a particular skill or to reinforce existing learning
  • The ten sections of activities within the guide include: identification of words and syllables; identification and supply of rhyming words; identification and discrimination of phonemes; and blending, segmentation, deletion, substitution and transposition of phonemes within words.

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