CELF5 Metalinguistics: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals: Metalinguistics

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A revision of the Test of Language Competence-Expanded, the CELF-5 Metalinguistics assessment includes five tests of higher-level language skills embedded in upper-grade curricula and critical to classroom success.



NB: Only available to clients based in the Republic of Ireland – qualification criteria applies (see qualification code and link below)

Author(s): Eleanor Semel, Elisabeth H Wiig, Wayne Secord
Publication Year: 2014
Age Range: 9 years 0 months to 21 years 11 months
Administration: Approximately 45 minutes for the Total Metalinguistics Score / Scores/Interpretation: Test and composite standard scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents growth scale values
Qualification Code: B

A revision of the Test of Language Competence-Expanded, the CELF5 Metalinguistics assessment includes four tests of higher-level language skills that are embedded in school curricula and are critical to classroom success. Use it to measure a student’s ability to think about and use language to make inferences, manipulate conversational speech given a context, use words in multiple ways, and use language in a non-literal manner.

Content and Administration

Administer the four tests individually or as a battery to obtain information about an individual’s language skills in:

  • Making Inferences
  • Conversation Skills
  • Multiple Meanings
  • Figurative Language

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for students with subtle language disorders or those on the autistic spectrum
  • Goes beyond assessment of syntax and semantics to assess student’s language strategies and language flexibility
  • Includes several tests that assess the student’s ability to interpret contextual and situational demands of conversation
  • Helps you evaluate delays in semantic, syntactic and pragmatic competence

Additional information

Age Suitability:

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Complete Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Stimulus Manual, Record Forms (25) and soft-case



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CELF-5 Metalinguistics: Complete Kit, CELF-5 Metalinguistics: Record forms (Pack of 25)

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