Back to School with a Difference!

To help schools welcome back students after almost 6 months, Outside the Box has just released two FREE, extremely practical, resource packs for teachers – one for primary and one for secondary. Both are grounded in evidence-based interventions from the rapidly expanding field of Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is the science of well-being. Each pack contains five activities, each focussing on five simple messages. Click on the Primary or Secondary cover below to access these free e-Book resources.



Return to School with Weaving Well-Being

    1. Covid-19: It’s Time to Tell Your Story
    2. All Feelings are OK
    3. Notice the Good Stuff
    4. Everything You Need is Inside You
    5. Look Back, but Move Forward


Return to School with Wired for Well-Being

    1. Your Story Matters
    2. Put Your Well-Being First
    3. It’s OK not to Feel OK
    4. Don’t Just Go Through It, Grow Through It
    5. Look Back, but Move Forward

Both packs are underpinned by the following recently published documents:

Both of these resources are a follow on from a free mental well-being journal for kids published and made available to parents called ‘At Home with Weaving Well-Being’. More information on this at www.otb.ie/wwb.home. All of these free journals are derivatives of two positive psychology, well-being school programmes for Irish schools, details as follows:

Other Useful Online Well-Being Resources

Online Well-Being Course for Teachers (Primary)

Creative Mindfulness by Louise Shanagher

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