ISBN: 9781863976725

I Can Do


ISBN: 9781863976725
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Practical activities based on the world of the child, aimed at enhancing self-esteem in 8-10 year-olds.

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This delightful photocopiable teacher resource book has many aims and purposes such as:

  • To enhance self-esteem
  • To provide teachers with easy access to a series of reproducible enrichment activities for students to use in class or at home
  • To encourage students to learn about themselves and to recognise their strengths and abilities; to allow students to focus on their uniqueness
  • To provide children with enjoyment and with opportunities to be creative

In most cases there are no right or wrong answers to the questions posed in this book – the students are encouraged to think for themselves.

The content is concentrated on the world of the child:

  • In the Home
  • At School
  • Out in the World (shopping centre, library, movies etc.)
  • Outdoors (in the country, at the beach or pool, etc.)
  • Body, Mind and Heart

Supplementary games are also included.

Teachers will enjoy learning about how their students see themselves and can use the book in the context of enhancing their self-esteem.

The physical book can be ordered at €20 or as a separate digital download (e-Book) – price €15.

  • Age suitability: 8 to 10 year-olds
  • Extent: A4 / 57-Pages
  • Book ISBN: 9781863976725
  • eBook Code: 9781863976725e

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