Tales with a Tip

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Author(s) : David Webb
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Tales with a Tip is resource series which supports teaching and learning about personal attitudes, values, and relationships with other people. In two books it takes a range of key issues and presents them as stories which can be used to:

• Introduce or conclude a unit of work in health or values education;
• Read out in class or year level assemblies;
• Copied and given to individuals or groups to discuss.

The stories are lively, thought-provoking and often humorous. They are guaranteed to appeal to students across the school because they contain familiar characters in familiar, everyday situations.

Each story has an introduction and suggested follow up work, which is designed to promote further discussion and provide the opportunity for a range of other activities. The stories are also ideal for sharing any time there is a ‘point’ to be made (for example, not playing on or near roads) about particular student behaviours that teachers want to address in a creative way.

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