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Healthy Mind – Happy Me Book 1 is the first book in a two-part series.

We all want the best for our young people. We want them to make the most of their opportunities. To help them along the way, they need a variety of different skills. This resource is written to support students’ personal and social capabilities. School is about developing the whole child, and to do this, we must focus on each child’s mental health as much as their academic ability.
Working through the activities in this book will help your students: connect; interact; develop solutions to social problems; bounce back from failure; understand and regulate their emotions and reflect. Purchase this resource today to show your students that their minds matter.

Help your students live more balanced and peaceful lives with Healthy Mind – Happy Me Book 2.

Studies show that mental illness – depression in particular – is one of the top five chronic diseases in Australia. Treatment requires large amounts of resources and is estimated to consume 6.83 billion dollars annually; approximately 8.6% of the total allocated health expenditure in Australia.
The number of young children affected by mental illness is on the rise, and this is why Healthy Mind – Happy Me is such an important resource for any classroom in Australia. The activities in this BLM will help your students to live more balanced and peaceful lives by assisting them to: develop resilience, understand their emotions, enhance their emotional intelligence and manage and nurture positive relationships. Purchase this book today to start making a difference to your students’ mindfulness

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