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Pyramid Response to Intervention



RTI (Response to Intervention), PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) and How to Respond when Kids don’t Learn

Pyramid Response to Intervention uses accessible language and compelling stories to show how RTI is most effective when implemented by a PLC. The authors translate formal legal mandates into a clear picture of how to create a three-tiered pyramid response to intervention (PRTI) to close gaps in student learning and resolve behavioural problems. Readers will learn:

  • How RTI blurs the boundaries between regular and special education to create a unified system that serves all students, regardless of labels
  • The two accepted systems for implementing RTI and models of RTI at work in real schools
  • How the three big ideas of a PLC – a focus on learning, a collaborative culture and a focus on results – make PLC and RTI natural partners
  • The characteristics of effective interventions
  • The central importance of building a strong core programme
  • How to create effective supplements to the core program When to apply intensive interventions
  • How behavioural interventions fit into a PRTI system
  • The keys to legal compliance and stakeholder support
  • The role of leadership in creating, monitoring and sustaining a PRTI system

Over a dozen reproducible activities will guide teams in evaluating their current system, building strong interventions and creating a successful and compliant PRTI system.

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