ISBN: 9781945349959

Teaching With the Instructional Cha-Chas


ISBN: 9781945349959
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Merging educational neuroscience with a formative assessment process and differentiated instruction, LeAnn Nickelsen and Melissa Dickson developed a four-step cycle of instruction—(1) chunk, (2) chew, (3) check, and (4) change—that has the power to double the speed of student learning. Compatible with any subject area, the book’s brain-friendly teaching strategies and plentiful tools are designed to help transform students into active learners and independent thinkers.

Educational neuroscience- and research-based teaching strategies to improve student achievement:

  • Combine brain science with a formative assessment process and differentiated instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Examine effective teaching strategies and differentiation practices so you can bump it up or break it down according to student needs.
  • Consider the four-step instructional cycle and understand the components of chunk, chew, check, and change.
  • Explore how the formative assessment process can double the speed of learning.
  • Learn how to plan instruction and preassess efficiently so that daily learning targets and formative assessments enable each student to meet standards.
  • Receive templates and teaching strategies that can be easily differentiated and implemented in daily lesson plans.

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