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Tired of Anxiety


– A Kid’s Guide to Befriending Scary Thoughts and Living Your Life Anyway

A step-by-step, visually engaging guide that draws on proven psychological science to give parents and other caregivers the means to make real, effective changes in the lives of young people who are experiencing long-term struggles with anxiety.


ISBN: 9781803880808
SKU: 9781803880808

– A Kid’s Guide to Befriending Scary Thoughts and Living Your Life Anyway

Published by Pavilion Publishing, Tired of Anxiety is a step-by step guide for children on how to do the things that matter to them despite anxiety. Based on principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the book uses evidence-based clinical techniques and describes them in accessible, child-friendly ways to ensure that families have a toolkit for working positively with anxiety over the long term. By acknowledging that difficult thoughts and feelings are a normal part of being human, rather than something we must try to stamp down or wish away, the authors normalise the everyday struggles of anxious young people so that children can learn to ‘make friends’ with their own anxiety and get on with the more important work of actually living and enjoying their lives. The text is presented in a visually appealing style, with frequent opportunities to engage with the material and a suite of supporting audio meditations. – See also the newly published Tired of Teen Anxiety for older children.


Sarah CassidyLisa Coyne (click on the authors’ names to go to their bio pages)

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