ISBN: 9781803880501

Gifted Learner, The


The Gifted Learner is a straightforward guide to how high learning ability in children and young people can be recognised, differentiated and supported by parents, carers, teachers and schools.


ISBN: 9781803880501
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 – part of the How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People series of books

Published by Pavilion PublishingThe Gifted Learner is a complete introduction in how to nurture high-ability students. The book reveals how to unlock the potential of a gifted learner, so that their gift becomes a talent that is celebrated, enriching their life and the lives of others.

Gifted children are often overlooked in education, as they are perceived to be high achieving. However, not all have a consistent high ability, or achieve in all subjects. Some gifted learners can also have a learning difficulty and many are emotionally immature and need to be nurtured, holistically at cognitive and emotional levels. This book shows how.

The book includes chapters on curiosity, creativity, boredom and perfectionism. There are nineteen case studies of individual learners, their parents and teachers, which provide real and authentic insights into recognising, understanding and supporting the Gifted Learner.


The Gifted Learner: How to Help is for parents and carers; early years practitioners, teachers, teaching assistants, educational psychologists, school senior management teams and other education professionals; support groups; youth workers, group leaders and others interested in the wellbeing and socio-emotional development of children and young people.


Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames (click on the author’s name to go to the author’s bio page)

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