ISBN: 9781803880914

Managing Stress and Distress


Managing Stress and Distress provides an accessible, straightforward guide to how heightened stress levels in young people can lead to distressed behaviour and how to manage both.


ISBN: 9781803880914
Author(s) : Stan Godek
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 – part of the How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People series of books

Published by Pavilion Publishing

The evolutionary and psychological factors that often underpin stress responses and their resulting problematic behaviours are still not well understood. Managing Stress and Distress provides a complete, compassionate guide to what stress is, how it arises, the purpose it serves and the issues it can cause. This book takes a trauma-informed approach of managing short-term distress while also reducing long-term stress levels via a regular practice of mindfulness.


Managing Stress and Distress is for parents and carers; teachers, teaching assistants, early years practitioners, educational psychologists, school senior management teams and other education professionals; support groups; youth workers, group leaders and others interested in the wellbeing and socio-emotional development of children and young people.


Stan Godek is the founder and director of SG Training and Consultancy. He is a psychologist with a background of working with children affected by trauma. His work was informed first by attachment theory, and later by the theories of Erik Erikson and Alan Sroufe. He has worked in the UK, Ireland and Russia, and has also managed residential childcare services.

Stan has developed a wide range of techniques and exercises designed to help young people to self-regulate their moods and emotions, and to cope more effectively with the various negative experiences that have impacted on their lives. He draws on these techniques in workshops on how mindfulness techniques can improve concentration and learning in the classroom, and in the consultancy service he offers to primary and secondary schools, residential units and fostering agencies. He is the author of Mindfulness Techniques for Children and Young People: A Practical Guide.

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