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WAB-R: Western Aphasia Battery (Revised Edition)

 63.50 711.95

The Western Aphasia Battery – Revised (WAB-R) is the updated version of the highly respected and widely used instrument for assessing adult patients with aphasia.

WAIS-IV: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth UK Edition

 96.95 2,105.00

The WAIS-IVUK is designed to assess general cognitive functioning in adults with a variety of neurological conditions.

WIAT-III UK-T: Wechsler Individual Achievement Test for Teachers (3rd UK Edition)

 112.50 521.50

The WIAT-III Third UK edition for Teachers (WIAT-III UK-T) is a UK-normed battery of five subtests to test key aspects of literacy

WRAT5: Wide Range Achievement Test (5th Edition)

 104.95 615.00

The WRAT5 provides an accurate and easy-to-administer way to assess and monitor the reading, spelling and maths skills in people aged 5–85+ and helps identify possible learning disabilities.