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NB: Only available to clients based in the Republic of Ireland – qualification criteria applies (see qualification code and link below)

Please note: The complete TPT kit now comes in a combo kit with the DEAP Kit. The TPT kit is no longer available on its own.

Author(s): Beth McIntosh, Barbara Dodd
Publication Year: 2011
Age Range: 2 years to 2 years 11 months
Administration: Individual – Maximum 20 minutes
Qualification Code: B – Click HERE for more details.

It is important to be able to justify and direct intervention for children referred in this age group. Better outcomes following early intervention for phonological disorder indicate that it may be easier to shape a developing system than one which is well established.

The TPT is the only phonology test specifically designed for this age group. Thirty seven relevant target words from the phonology subtest of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP) are used to identify and classify error patterns in a child’s speech as delayed or atypical.

The assessment includes 105 consonants in syllable initial (including consonant clusters) and syllable final positions, and 56 vowels and dipthongs. Quantitative measures include percent consonants, vowels and phonemes correct. Normative data (standard scores and percentiles) is provided separately for UK and Australian children.

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