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Focus on Fluency (2nd Ed.)


Focus on Fluency provides teachers with a wealth of practical, research-based strategies and suggestions that can be used to help senior primary and junior cycle post-primary students to become more accurate, automatic and expressive readers

Getting Started with Reading & Moving on with Reading


This fabulous two-book beginning reading series is based on basic emergent words from Levels 1-3, PM Readers (Getting Started with Reading) and the most frequently used words from Levels 3-14, PM Readers (Moving on with Reading). Choose a book option below to LOOK INSIDE:

Grammar Smart


Grammar activities to consolidate core language skills

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HELP For Vocabulary


Clients build vocabulary as they work with hundreds of words and use them in a variety of contexts. They’ll use words to describe, define, and inform.

How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1 (Ages: 5-7)


How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1 is a practical manual for teachers to be used directly in the classroom.

Language for Learning in the Primary School (2nd. Ed.)


This handbook has become an indispensable resource, packed full of practical suggestions on how to support 5-11 year old children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Language Kit for Primary Schools, The


The Language Kit for Primary Schools is a comprehensive toolkit that delivers group interventions in order to support language and communication in schools.

Let’s Get Quizzical


Thematic quizzes and research activities for primary students

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Let’s Begin with ABC


Let’s Begin with ABC will help you draw children aged 4 to 5 irresistibly into a journey of learning letters and sound guidance with a great range of activities designed to attract and involve them.

Literacy in Science


This Literacy in Science series shows just how easy it can be to make scientific literacy activities a regular, engaging part of your science programme — and to reap the rewards.

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