ISBN: 9781853469169

How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1 (Ages: 5-7)


How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1 is a practical manual for teachers to be used directly in the classroom.

ISBN: 9781853469169
Author(s) : Pie Corbett
SKU: 9781853469169
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How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1 is a practical manual for teachers to be used directly in the classroom. The book begins with a series of language games designed to warm up creativity and strengthen the imagination. This is followed by a series of creative story workshops based on the writer’s own experience both as a teacher and poet running workshops in schools. These workshops focus on growing the roots of story writing through storytelling and reading and begin with the importance of learning a few well-known tales. There are ideas for drama, role-play and art as well as a few model stories for storytelling. Other workshops explore simple ideas for creating new stories, based around simple familiar patterns.

The book also offers advice on how to organise an effective workshop for younger children and demonstrates how to teach story writing in a dynamic, creative and imaginative way in relationship with the UK’s KS1 National Literacy Framework.

Workshops include:

  • Tthe story of our lives
  • Stories that make a circle
  • Stories about problems
  • Days of the week tales
  • Humbug, stuff and nonsense stories
  • Quests
  • Repetitive tales
  • Wishing stories
  • Warning stories
  • Cooking the story soup

About the Author:

Pie Corbett is a freelance writer and poet. He has worked as an English Inspector in Gloucestershire, an OFSTED Inspector and has run training nationally for the NLS.

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