Getting Started in Reading


ISBN: 9781927172179
Author(s) : Ruth Mitchell
SKU: Getting Started in Reading

Using active learning methods ‘Getting Started in Reading’ focuses on teaching early reading skills and uses 20 basic emergent words from Levels 1-3 of PM Readers. A brilliant programme for students who have difficulty in beginning the reading process, who are slow to progress, who have short attention spans, and who are learning English as a second language.

This 100-page programme has been produced for use by teachers and educational assistants who are working with individuals, withdrawal groups or class reading groups. Parents could use this programme at home.

Moving on with Reading is the second book in our Essential Reading Skill series. Written by teacher Ruth Mitchell, this brand new release focuses on reading and comprehension, and introduces the most frequently used words from Levels 3-14 in PM Readers. This resource promotes active learning methods, giving students a sound base for early reading or learning English.

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Book 1: Getting Started In Reading, Book 2: Moving on With Reading

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