ISBN: 9781776551873

Grammar Smart


Grammar activities to consolidate core language skills

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ISBN: 9781776551873
SKU: Grammar Smart


Activities to consolidate core language skills

This Grammar series is designed to fit in with any classroom-based English programme. The activities are an opportunity to explore and practice important skills and strategies in areas, such as parts of speech, punctuation, word knowledge, and dictionary and thesaurus skills. Explanations and examples of different aspects of grammar provide further learning support while learning intentions with each activity enhance students’ sense of purpose and direction.

Grammar Smart: 3-4

  • Super sentences
  • Priceless punctuation
  • Polished parts of speech
  • Paragraphs, editing and proofreading

Grammar Smart: 5-6

  • Groovy grammar
  • Perfect punctuation
  • Paragraphs, editing and proofreading

Grammar Smart: 7-9

  • Focus on capital letters
  • Focus on full stops
  • Focus on commas
  • Focus on question marks

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