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Teenage School Difficulties


A complete, straightforward guide to the issues and challenges commonly faced by children and young people as they face up to the demands of secondary education – and the practical ways in which parents, carers, teachers and schools can help.


ISBN: 9781912755912
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 – part of the How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People series of books

Published by Pavilion PublishingTeenage School Difficulties offers a complete introduction to the pitfalls of navigating secondary education while at the same time facing the ordeals of adolescence. When young people are coping with issues at school, whether it be an obvious challenge such as increased workload or a more personal one such as family illness, the playing field becomes less even for them and they can easily lose out with long-term consequences. Furthermore, every individual is different and requires personalised support. Using case studies to share practical advice based on years of first-hand experience managing these issues in real schools, Joyce Nisbet and Jennie Guise explore why it is crucial for everyone involved to pull in the same direction – and how parents, carers, teachers and schools can help.


Joyce Nesbet has extensive experience of teaching across the secondary education age range. She taught History and English in a school with 1,100 pupils, then worked as Assistant Principal Teacher of Guidance (Pastoral Care) in a school with 1,700 pupils. She initiated, developed and for more than twenty years led an innovative and highly successful model of alternative education to cater for the varying needs that can arise in a school with 1,300 pupils aged 12-18.

Jenne Guise is a psychologist and author. She has worked in research, and now in applied practice as the founder and Director of Dysguise Ltd. Her main interests are in identifying what will help individual learners to progress, and in helping to break down, or work around, the many and various barriers that can affect study and learning. She works collaboratively with educators to apply that knowledge in practical ways.

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