ISBN: 9781912755967

Building Wellbeing and Resilience


A complete, straightforward guide to the issues and challenges commonly faced by children and young people as they develop personal wellbeing and resilience – and the practical ways in which parents, carers, teachers and schools can help.


ISBN: 9781912755967
Author(s) : Rob Long
SKU: 9781912755967
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 – part of the How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People series of books

Published by Pavilion PublishingBuilding Wellbeing and Resilience offers a complete introduction to these critical yet frequently misunderstood topics. Often confused with mental health or physical wellness, wellbeing fuses aspects of both and wider elements into a general sense of ‘how we are’. Resilience, meanwhile, is the ability to deal with adversity and move forward. High wellbeing fosters resilience and, in a virtuous circle, resilience is linked to high levels of wellbeing. Exploring these topics along with related issues such as measuring wellbeing, using positive psychology approaches to boost strengths and the impact of neurodiversity, Rob Long considers the importance and impact of wellbeing and resilience at home and in the classroom – and how parents, carers, teachers and schools can help.


Rob Long is a Chartered Psychologist who provides independent training to teachers and other professionals. He has previously lectured in Psychology and Sociology and worked as an Educational Psychologist for Wolverhampton and Devon Education Authorities. During this time he managed a Behaviour Support Team and supported schools in reviewing their behaviour management policies and practice.

Rob’s main interest is supporting children who face emotional and behavioural difficulties. He is committed to developing an understanding of these children through training and project work, and to providing solutions and practical help to school staff involved with them. He teaches on a distance learning course in Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues run by Oxford Brookes University and the Social, Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties Association (SEBDA) and is also an active member of SEBDA.

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