ISBN: 9781943874323

Behavior: The Forgotten Curriculum


Transform your classroom behavior-management strategies to teach students critical behavioural skills. Learn how to implement research-based instructional strategies for differentiation and assessment of student behaviour using the RTI (MTSS) model.

ISBN: 9781943874323
Author(s) : Chris Weber
SKU: 9781943874323


An RTI Approach for Nurturing Essential Life Skills.

Use RTI tiers to transform your behavioural-management, differentiated instruction, and assessment strategies. To fully prepare students for college, careers, and life, it is essential for educators to nurture students’ behavioural skills along with their academic skills. With Behavior: The Forgotten Curriculum, you will learn how to employ the most effective behavioural and social skills activities for your particular class and form unique relationships with each and every learner. Through this personalised classroom behaviour-management approach, you can anticipate potential problem areas and confidently respond to students in need of intensive and differentiated supports.

Use behaviour-management strategies based on response to intervention to:

  • Understand the importance of communicating the why of behavioural learning to students
  • Identify and define the behavioural skills that will most benefit your students
  • Model and teach behavioural skills simultaneously with academic skills
  • Learn how and when to employ behavioural system supports across all three RTI tiers (MTSS)
  • Implement formative assessment and other tools for measuring behavioural-skill development and success
  • Hear from educators who have successfully applied behavioural-skill teaching in their classroom-management strategies

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