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Author(s) : Chris Sullivan
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This STEPs to Better Behaviour series comprises the following three books:

Book A: Getting Off to a Good Start introduces the first part of the STEPs approach, which concerns how you can establish a positive behaviour management system at the start of the school year. Central to establishing
a positive framework are routines, rules, physical environment, curriculum and establishing positive relationships. Key beliefs in the STEPs philosophy are that a school needs a shared ethos about behaviour management and its staff must work together collaboratively.

Book B: Building a Positive Classroom Climate focuses on maintaining and building on the positive start you make to the year. In particular it offers guidance on building intrinsic motivation, teaching social skills, and
recognising and rewarding appropriate behaviour through a mixture of social, concrete and activity rewards.

Book C: Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour is based on the STEPs assumption that various triggers cause inappropriate behaviour. A step-by step model is introduced to help you to change inappropriate student
behaviour to appropriate behaviour. At the heart of dealing with inappropriate behaviour are three phases, ranging from low-impact intervention (e.g. use of visual cueing) through to high-impact intervention (e.g. Behaviour ACTION Plans).

The series draws on expert advice from specialists in fi elds as diverse as medicine and psychology. Wherever possible, too, I have used real-life situations faced by students and teachers to illustrate the theories and suggest practical ideas for you to try. All books contain numerous templates to make it easier for you to put the ideas into practice.

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