ISBN: 9781913414979

Neurodiversity, Autism and Recovery from Sexual Violence


– A Practical Resource for all those Working to Support Victim-survivors

Recovery and survival following sexual violence are unique to each individual and this invaluable book provides a resource for those supporting autistic and neurodivergent women to take steps towards regaining control of their life.


ISBN: 9781913414979
Author(s) : Susy Ridout
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– A Practical Resource for all those Working to Support Victim-survivors

Published by Pavilion Publishing

Recovery and survival following sexual violence are unique to each individual and this invaluable book provides a resource for those supporting autistic and neurodivergent women to take steps towards regaining control of their life. Written from the author’s lived experience and expertise, there is a wealth of accessible guidance and practical activities that focus on making sense of events and taking time to do so. This resource provides a clear framework to explore the full range of issues arising from sexual violence, including identity, goal-setting, safety, mental and physical well-being, managing emotions, friendships, relationships and disclosure, memory, concentration and sensory experiences. It includes printable resource sheets and details of available supports to introduce to individuals or groups. Whilst targeting neurodivergent/autistic women survivors, it can be adapted by others to suit their requirements. Above all, it encourages practitioners to work respectfully with clients in the context of their experiences and evolving situations.


Professionals and services involved in supporting autistic women and in working with victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse, including women’s aid centres, rape crisis centres, domestic abuse services, specialist rape and domestic advice counsellors, advocates, and practitioners in mental health and trauma services, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches, faculty in higher education.


Dr. Susy Ridout is an author, mentor, associate lecturer and independent researcher working in the field of autism, neurodiversity and sexual violence. As a neurodivergent victim-survivor of sexual violence, she has combined this insider experience with the knowledge and skills she has developed over a decade of mentoring in HE institutions to produce the material presented in this book.

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