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Building Resiliency in Schools

€ 25.00

This handbook shows that resiliency-based schools give young people the ability and opportunity to redirect their energies towards achieving success.


Building Resiliency in Youth

€ 25.00

This book provides specific activities to use with young people that will help build their resiliency.



Calm Cards for Teens (Cards)

€ 14.96 – € 129.49

The Calm Cards for Teens cards set consists of ten beautifully illustrated (graffiti-style) laminated cards designed to promote positive mental health for teens (13 to 17 year-olds).


Changes in Adolescence

€ 25.00 – € 70.00

These books cover many aspects of relevant health education. They ground each topic in realistic scenarios that adolescents relate and respond to, and they offer thought-provoking activities from interviews and surveys to role plays, pamphlet design and planning and budgeting. Click on Choose an Option below to LOOK INSIDE.

Educating and Raising Boys

€ 25.95

Author Michael Nagel draws on his knowledge as a researcher in child development, behaviour and educational psychology and his experience as an academic and a father, to explore the ways that teachers and parents can create positive social learning environments that recognise the complexities of the developing brain and promote learning in boys.