ISBN: 9781936763191

Stop Leading Like It’s Yesterday!


ISBN: 9781936763191
Author(s) : Casey Reason
SKU: 9781936763191


Leadership practices from the Industrial Revolution are no longer effective in 21st century classrooms. Explore the Leading for Excellence and Fulfillment model, and discover practical, research-based strategies that will be relevant to school leaders today and tomorrow. Integrate ready-to-use techniques into your current leadership practices to maximize learning and open up an unprecedented world of opportunities for both students and teachers.

  • Learn to recognize educational practices that are outdated and irrelevant to today’s students.
  • Understand how leadership practices influence students academic achievement and future success.
  • Explore critical conversations leaders must have with their staff.
  • Discover how to inspire team collaboration and innovation.
  • Read success stories from actual educators.

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