Swimming in the Deep End


Cultivate the foundational leadership skills you need to enact effective organisational change for school improvement. Utilise the four explored skills to strategically plan school initiatives, have critical conversations, respond to resistance and manage yourself through change and resistance.


ISBN: 9781947604018
Author(s) : Jennifer Abrams
SKU: 9781947604018

 – Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives

Acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve true success as a leader and enact strategic change and school improvement.

In Swimming in the Deep End, author Jennifer Abrams dives deep into the four foundational skills required of effective leadership and change management:

  1. Thinking before speaking
  2. Pre-empting resistance
  3. Responding to resistance
  4. Managing oneself through change and resistance

Throughout the book, readers receive ample guidance for building these vital skills and leading school initiatives and implementation plans that face 21st century challenges head-on.

Develop the educational leadership skills needed to create real, strategic change in your school:

  • Gain an understanding of the most pressing issues facing schools today, learn why they must be faced and consider your implementation plan
  • Enhance your leadership and change-management abilities by mastering the four foundational skills
  • Learn how to utilise your new mastery of the foundational skills to have critical conversations, resolve conflict, respond to resistance and manage yourself through change and resistance
  • Utilise an online appendix of quotes as a source of inspiration and motivation in guiding effective organisational change and strategic planning
  • Access a comprehensive self-assessment designed to assist you in your growth as a leader

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Educational Title – 128 Pages


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