Research-Based Strategies


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Research-Based Strategies – Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Under-Resourced Students

The only resource to offer an at-a-glance “menu” of challenges, strategies, and related research … It’s an all in one newguide to academic, behavioral, and community solutions.

Research-Based Strategies, an exciting revision of the Learning Structures Workbook, combines new strategies with proven ones from Learning Structures, along with hundreds of researchers whose work also support the strategies.

Easy to use: You choose the academic, behavioral, or community-based concern or challenge. Two handy charts take you quickly through more than 50 research-based strategies, their explanations, and multiple research citations for every strategy.

Flexible: Zero in on one issue, or use it as a general guide. Teachers may modify the techniques to best suit their circumstances. Most of these strategies are effective with any student, regardless of resources.

More about Author Ruby K. Payne;

Ruby K. Payne, PhD, is a world recognised author, speaker, publisher, business owner, and career educator. She has travelled extensively to present a variety of workshops based on her foundational work A Framework for Understanding Poverty and also on strategies for successfully raising student achievement and overcoming economic class barriers. An expert on the mind-sets of economic classes and on crossing socioeconomic lines in education and work and for social change, she has trained tens of thousands of educators and other professionals in seminars all over the world.

 ISBN: 9781742392578; 296 Pages

Author: Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.; Age Suitability: All