ISBN: 9781948244367

Emotional Poverty: Volume 2


 – Safer Students and Less-Stressed Teachers

Written for educators, not psychologists, Emotional Poverty, Volume 2 helps you understand and overcome emotional poverty so you can build more effective classrooms and safer schools.

ISBN: 9781948244367
Author(s) : Dr. Ruby K. Payne
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 – Safer Students and Less-Stressed Teachers

What Stress Does to Your Teaching and Your Students:

Has teaching ever felt more stressful?

External pressures, environmental factors, previous experiences, fear, anger—all these and more create stress and tension in the classroom. Emotional distress interrupts and can harm—even destroy—effective teaching, learning, and emotional wellness in teachers and students.

But how do these emotions develop in you and your students? The fact is many of us suffer from some form of emotional poverty. Think of it as an absence of emotional resilience or resources. Written for educators, not psychologists, Emotional Poverty, Volume 2 helps you understand and overcome emotional poverty so you can build more effective classrooms and safer schools.

You’ll get:

  • Practical strategies for creating a more emotionally healthy classroom
  • Deeper understandings of adolescent brain development
  • Cues to recognise emotional stress in yourself and students
  • Techniques to develop a student’s prefrontal cortex and build emotional resilience
  • Tools to overcome your stress, compassion fatigue, or secondary traumatic stress
  • Solutions for dealing with angry, emotional parents and other adults

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