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Universal Design for Learning in English Language Arts


In the third edition of UDL Now!, Katie Novak provides practical insights and savvy strategies for helping all learners succeed in a post-pandemic world using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

– Improving Literacy Instruction Through Inclusive Practices (UDL)

In this latest addition to CAST’s UDL Now! series, Katie Novak has teamed up with four literacy experts to offer educators a practical guide to integrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the English language arts classroom.

Universal Design for Learning in English Language Arts demonstrates how to build rich, collaborative and engaging literacy environments for students with varied backgrounds and needs. While addressing the established domains of literacy – reading, writing, speaking, listening and language and vocabulary development – the authors also explore connections between social-emotional learning (SEL) and character-education to foster in students a deeper understanding of literacy.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your ELA instruction or deepen your implementation of UDL, this book offers strategies and practices to help educators reach all students, including:

  • Selecting texts that appeal to all learners
  • Developing inclusive writing prompts
  • Offering authentic assessment opportunities

Novak and her co-authors illustrate how ELA classrooms provide a unique opportunity to explore the human experience through literature, writing and communication.

Learn more by downloading a PDF of the Introduction from the book HERE.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction (View as PDF)
  • Chapter 1: Integrating Practices to Support Your Why
  • Chapter 2: Unpacking and Connecting Frameworks
  • Chapter 3: The Power of PLCs
  • Chapter 4: Unpacking Student Engagement
  • Chapter 5: Fostering a Love of Reading
  • Chapter 6: Enhancing Vocabulary Instruction
  • Chapter 7: The Power of Authentic Writing
  • Chapter 8: A Focus on Speaking and Listening
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Index
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Authors

About the Lead Author:

Katie Novak, EdD, is an internationally renowned education consultant, author, graduate instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and a former Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Massachusetts. Katie has two decades of experience in teaching and administration, has an earned doctorate in curriculum and teaching from Boston University, and has authored or co-authored 10 published books, including the best-sellers Equity by Design, UDL and Blended Learning, and Innovate Inside the Box: Empowering through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset.

What is UDL? (Duration: 5 minutes):

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