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Educator’s Experience of Pathological Demand Avoidance, The


by PDA and autism expert, Laura Kerbey and illustrated by the popular Eliza
Fricker, this short guide gives you everything you need to understand PDA and
how to make your teaching style and learning environment PDA friendly.

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This positive and lively guide to working with children with PDA will become an essential part of every educator’s library. Easy to dip into, entertaining and yet also full of important truths, you’ll finish the book excited about the opportunities which arise when you stop fighting and instead get alongside children with PDA. You’ll be shown how to rethink your interactions with children with PDA and through this create the circumstances for them to thrive. It’s well worth the effort.’, Dr Naomi Fisher, clinical psychologist and author of Changing Our Minds.

‘I wish Laura had written this book ages ago . It gives a really clear picture of what it is like to have PDA and some excellent ideas of how to help in school and college . Every teacher should own a copy of this book , not just those who work with students with PDA ….teachers need to remember we are not always ‘ fine in school,’ and you never stop learning !’, Caitlin, 16 ,PDA’er.

‘The book is easily digestible and has some fantastic experiences and strategies that I can bring to my practice immediately. Some really thought provoking ideas.’, Katie Braid, Primary School Teacher


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